Ari : I'm so excited to start this webcomic! Thanks for making it
Crystal : <3 Thank you everyone!
Savail : Whaaaa, I missed the ending being posted. I'll miss it, but I enjoyed the ride greatly. Thanks for sharing!
Schippi : <3 ! Got here by following Links on odd and weird Webcomics. In my native german, "Kunst kommt von Können." Raughly, "Art comes from insight/ability/skill". You are indeed Good at all those aspects, IMHO. :)
Sariah : Aw. Happy ending! Thank you for sticking through to the end. It always makes me sad when projects get abandoned. So thank you!
aseariel : Aaaaah, it ended! What a lovely ride, though. Thanks for sharing it with us. <3
JoeFish : Y'know, I remember when you first posted a link to this over at the Seraph-inn forums. I'm glad I stuck with it the whole way though, and I'm glad you did too. Well done and good luck with whatever you do next.
dranxis : I binge-read this comic last year and enjoyed it. Congrats on bringing it to a close! The epilogue is lovely :)
oiojes : I plead for putting it in book form
Sabreur : Wow. Hard to believe it's finally over. Congratulations on finishing this, it was a fun read.
Crystal : About two pages. :)
Emma : How long do you think this will continue?
Qndrez : Just want to say i really like this comic :)
Crystal : I don't think so. It's a lot of work - but I'll at least try to have the last few pages in colour. :)
Emma : Are you ever going to go back and color the black & white pages?
Sabreur : Wow. Feels so strange to be at the epilogue.
David : Thank you! That makes a lot more sense now :-D
Sabreur : You can always count on kids to repeat what you say - even if you'd rather they didn't. :-)
Crystal : Daian's tackling the other two to the ground, I believe. :)
David : This is a rather old question, but what is happening in page 430? Who is tackling whom?
Savail : Well, he's not a quitter...we can give him that much.
Pam : I love Re's little face!
Savail : Oh wow, missed this one. Very, very pretty.
Sabreur : Love this update! Awesome emotion, and the fox's smirk is a nice touch.
anonymus : hi, nice webcomic
siddharth : genarl
Savail : Clearly, he was so pro, he didn't need whiskers.
Sabreur : Poor little whiskerless foxies! :-)
Anon2 : well if you drop the "do", murder as a verb is perfectly acceptable so "commit" isn't necessary. :) But yes I don't think "do murder" is a grammatically correct phrase (doesn't sound like it, anyway--typically do+verb is done to emphasize something, like I do write. I guess murder is one of those tricky things where it can be a noun and a verb... I dunno.)
Crystal : I'm not positive... but I didn't feel it was ungrammatical. It's not really in Daian's character to use 'commit'. Is there a reason?
Anon : I'm as happy as anyone for the update, but I can't help but be bothered by "do murder". Drop the "do". Sorry to nitpick, but that kind of thing really detracts from my enjoyment of the page.
Savail : Hurray!
Sabreur : Yay, an update!
Matthew : I'll keep you bookmarked then, thanks!
Crystal : It's sort of mostly dead. I'll probably update sporadically once in a while, but not regularly.
Matthew : (sorry for the double post)
Matthew : I don't mean to be rude or anything, but is this comic now completely dead or shall I keep waiting for updates?
Matthew : I don't mean to be rude or anything, but is this comic now completely dead or shall I keep waiting for updates?
Crystal : I know, I feel vaguely guilty for dooming him to a lifetime of love-life angst.
Savail : Aww poor Daian.
Crystal : I don't guess you would know of any? :D
Crystal : I used to, but something happened, and I lost it. l haven't been able to find another Rss of the same caliber, so I just haven't gotten a new one.
mm : ...and I meant to say "I just found your comic and I love it". And the RSS is just so much easier for following
mm : Hi! I love your comic, but I was wondering--do you have an RSS feed so I can follow this?
Crystal : I've had 4 pages just sitting around for a week, but my main computer is out. fyi. :)
Savail : Hurray!
decolumn : woot! new pages!
Gillsing : Yes, thanks for the new pages! If I had known that you were running out of steam I wouldn't have expressed a preference for quality over quantity way back then. Because actually reaching the end is a rather important quality.
Pam : Thanks for the new pages. I'm glad you decided to keep going :)
Savail : When you hit a hard block, you hit a hard block. Sometimes you can fix them by working through, and sometimes you can't. Either way, it's been one hell of a ride, and I certainly enjoyed it.
VoidHamlet : Glad if you do finish the story, even if in words (not necessarily pictures).
Vanessa : you can do it, girl! just keep working at it! We don't mind if the going is slow. We're all rooting for you!
myowntree : would it help if you had a color artist or anything? I could volunteer a few pages...
Savail : I blame the summer heat, personally. I started a major site overhaul to assist in laziness...then stopped partway through multiple times. <_>
Soulber : I just love this comic!! keep it going! I come here all the time!
Lurker : I can understand drystreaks and all, but might I suggest making a news post to explain? I didn't even see this chatbox until waiting over a week for an update, haha ((love the comic, by the way))
Tony : That's good to know, it's a great story and would be a shame to see fade away.
Crystal : kinda..? I'm going through a serious artistic dry streak at the moment. I haven't been drawing anything, so yeah. I do intend on finishing the comic... just can't say when.
Solyeuse : Is this updating? Would be a shame if it weren't, it's really epic.
pookie : oops, sorry for the double post xP
pookie : eeee just gobbled down all your archives! <3 good! hope elei lives and re lives and the gifts get strewn back into the world or at least elei apologizes to kai for being a butt
pookie : eeee just gobbled down all your archives! <3 good! hope elei lives and re lives and the gifts get strewn back into the world or at least elei apologizes to kai for being a butt
willie : An update would be great
Gillsing : Funny page! And for double fun I imagined 'she' referring to Crystal and Rune playing the part of the readers of this comic. ;-)
Savail : Ha. That face.
Gillsing : Well, it's nice to see a page again! And congratulations on your new boyfriend! Good things getting in the way of updates are always better than bad things. ;-)
Crystal : Good point about the pages. xD I forget about that.
Gillsing : @Treyu: Wasn't she accepting a gift from Re? Maybe that ring? On another note, it would be neat (and convenient for me) if the link to the latest pages lead to the first of those pages instead of the last one. Just saying! :-)
Savail : Soundtrack for SEL is also <3. [Also, sorry about the double-post...Naptime soon].
Savail : SEL IS a very strange show. It's also my favorite anime, though, as well as my first. It's one of those that gets better the more you watch it [and the more pieces you realize you missed the first time around].
Treyu : QUESTION tho! What is Kai doing in the 401 page? I'm a bit confused.
Treyu : I totally don't mind, I have many other comics I read so I just pop over to this one every so often to see if you've updated!
Crystal : Right now, I don't feel it's possible for me to produce consistent updates, because whether I like it or not, I'm not in school anymore. That's why I'm pretty grateful for all the readers I still do have. xD I'm not very fussed about the quality of my own comic, as long as it's good enough to convey the message I want to.
Gillsing : @spas: Well, I can't say that all 200 are 'quality', objectively speaking. Some of them I read just because they appeal to my taste. It's not as if quality is a requirement, but with all that quantity it has now become more desirable than it used to be.
Ted : I think quality is better than quantity. I really like your coloring so I say just take your time getting them out, I can wait.
Savail : I don't think the majority of Catalyst's readers are still reading this expecting consistent updates. I, personally, would much rather wait and read a quality story with quality art [which is what we have been getting] than have Crystal produce a product she wasn't happy with that would be lacklustre in results. Or for her to even stop producing free entertainment at all.
knorq : How many readers do you have? How many have you lost in the chaotic-semi-hiatus months? The majority of webcomic readers want consistency both in quality and in update schedule. So - how can you maintain both a realistic schedule and a product you're okay with?
Svafa : I like the colour so i vote for quality
spas : 200? and they are all quality? you must know something i don't. i recommend lintier for fantasy. i think this page turned out quite lovely, so if they're all like this, then yeah!
Crystal : Well, if I get a lot of votes for 'quality', I'll move back to that next scene. :3 This scene has a lot of misc foresty backgrounds anyhow.
Gillsing : I'd miss the colour, so I'd prefer quality over quantity. With the 200 webcomics I read, I think I've got "quantity" covered. ;-)
spas : disagree, i wish my younger sisters would look out for me, as i do for them. THX 4the pages, crystal! progress in the story!
Mindsword : ... Not responding to that. However, I do believe Rune is moved. Tha's just how we deal with the younger sibling saying they'll protect us.
spas : all that imaginary 'progress' - as if mankind has truly progressed.
spas : thx, crystal. backwards religious countries w/no separation of church & state. in the u.s. we'd have disconnected him years ago. keeping vegetables alive - we are no better than cave men today. thinking otherwise is pure egotistical delusion.
Crystal : No update this week.
Crystal : Aww, Spas, I'm sorry to hear. *hugs*
spas : been bummed out for 4 years w/my dad's situation in the hospital. i have to buck up when i think about folks who have it worse off - someone always does have it worse off, yet they manage, so so should i...
spas : and yeah, i am losing all love for elei. poor dayan!
spas : took its gift - no apostrophe in it's unless it's a contraction for 'it is' - this is a solid rule and always holds true in English.
Kez : And glad to be of help, Spas! Especially for fellow SF members <3
Kez : I don't think it can work for what you type here on the main page, but you can just duplicate that(Argh wrote that in the wrong input area)
Kez : Log into your admin, and select TRUE in the settings area for RSS news
Kez : Log into your admin, and select TRUE in the settings area for RSS news
Kez : to include news in your RSS, you'll need to use the ProPanda news system
spas : yes, thanks kez, for whatever you did. i love how you try to help fantasy comic creators whenever you can - rock on!
Patjade : I just noticed the RSS feed has been down for awhile. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon! Anyway, Happy Birthday from the NTWF!
Savail : Elei's expressions lately... <3
Kez : Are you on ProPanda? There's a feed that goes with it, check out the forum
TehLulzinator : Really love this comic, awesome story and art! It'd be nice if you found some way to fix the RSS. It's my main way to keep up with all comics (and probably for others too).
Eleanor : Amazing, love it all! and Congrats!! x
Crystal : Expect a brief hiatus. I'll do my best to get over it. xD
Crystal : RSS hasn't? D: Although by the way, a quick update. I just started work, so comic is taking a bit of a second stage ATM.
Patjade : Eeek! I just realized that the RSS hasn't been updating since early May. I'm behind in the comics.
Soulber : I luve this comic!!!
aspectre : inre wednesday june 8th 2011 - On the contrary, this week demonstrates how incredibly good you are as an artist.
Crystal : By the way guys, there won't be an update till this Sunday. Sorry, have been on and off planes all week.
Cookie : :D thanks Crystal. I am pretty excited at the same time! A weird excited/nervous feeling lol. BTW I love getting to see a lot more of Kai in these new updates! Yay!
Pam : Gratz on graduating! *gives you balloons and a big slice of cake*
Sabreur : Grats! You made it! :-)
Crystal : Cookie: You'll be fine! College is fun. :3
Cookie : Congrats! :) I'm just getting into college. *gulp*
Savail : I wish I was graduating this month. *realizes she has a thesis/novel to write* Uh...nevermind.
Crystal : You're right, it is a little hard to read. I'll change it on my next go-through; I do that periodically to make sure the whole story stays in shape.
spas : yet today's page is lovely and begins to resolve all the questions!
spas : maybe just fix the text/font then - it is not legible, and therefore distracting.
Crystal : It does say Tighten. =)
Cookie : I supposed she was tightening her grip on her clothes...clenching her fist, or gripping. :) (I'm on pins and needles!)
spas : is that one text thing supposed to say TIGHTEN? delete it - i could not figure that out for so long!
Savail : Elei was even prettier in that "whoosh" panel.
Shade : Elei's pretty. =D So is that background.
spas : it hasn't been a happy several years, for me and mine. still there are moments of smiles and laughter - wishing some your way!
Cookie : Aww I hope your week gets better soon. :)
Cookie : Oh oh, a red ! . Does he think that woman is Elei...?? Now that's desperate.
Josh W. : I love how watercolor-y your backgrounds are. I really like the last pasnel on page 349 8-)
spas : background on that title page was non-existent but on p358 - the vote incentive? GORGEOUS!
Crystal : I actually have two complete pages.. but the one before them isn't complete! urrrr. Nasty.
Cookie : ...but if there is NO update >:( grr! lol just kidding. Hey I think this is the first time I comment here. This is my fav. webcomic!!
spas : one page is cool - i'll take that - it's an update - woohoo!
Zypher : Hey, found your comic just after the last update, and I noticed something interesting. Did you know Elei is Elvish for 'Dreams'?
Crystal : If I think about it, they used to be brown... but through evolution of art style, they were goldenified! =D
JK : Geh, Elei why are you so pretty with your golden eyes?!!!
Savail : ^_^
Crystal : Or it won't pass at all... ouch. xD
Omniscia : I'm sure that pain in 'Re's belly will do SOME sort of passing. ;)
Crystal : Aww, thank you! <3 You too, Savail. :3
Mag : I love your art. Its different and it's beautiful
Savail : I -just- noticed the heart from the horsie a few pages back. So cute ^_^
Patjade : On behalf of the Neopian Times Writer's Forum (NTWF), I would like to wish you a Very Happy Birthday!
spas : good, so you're good. it's ok to miss updates, but it's nicer when you let us know what's up - good to be back to elei and dayan!
spas : glad you're alive, but when i answer that way it's a bad sign - kisses to you!
Crystal : Not dead yet! :3
Crystal : Not dead yet! :3
spas : crystal, you ok?
Faticia : I just have to say--he is a BIG big brother! I never comment anymore, but I still read and love your comic, fyi!
Will : Hey Esther! How's it going lately? Long time no see from MTU :O. BTW where are you bouts' this summer? Great artwork as always!
spas : good luck with the immigration business. how was the internship anyway? & safe travels!
Sabreur : Hey, long time no chat. Just wanted to say we still read your comic and it's still awesome!
Crystal : I'm having a ton of trouble with immigration. I hate to do this to y'all, but I can't update today either. D:
Crystal : Isn't it the most awesome food ever? =D
Aquila audax : Yum! Have some for me! My husband lived in Malaysia for 5 years as a child so I know what you are talking about! Great art - well done!
Savail : It creeps me out 'cause it's bigger than her head almost. :P
Crystal : What happened to Elei's hand in 304? D: And where did Alcarin lose another man? And the flower will be seen later :3
grace : Sorry lots of questions. Thanks!
grace : What do you mean by the lord guy losing "another man"? does that mean one has gone and died? And what about that flower?
Savail : Elei's hand in the last panel of 304 still creeps me out.
Jai : alright, got to read the comic, and I'm really enjoying it.
Crystal : Alright! The archives are working again. It was due to Dreamhost taking down PHP4 service, apparently. This is just a patch, so I'll be switching Catalyst over to another system later, but it should be readable again. Thanks for bearing up here, guys.
Steven : oops, 312 again, hope you don mind
Steven : direct links to last pages315,314,313,312,311
Jai : anyone else having trouble reading the comic?
Crystal : Wow, that's strange. It might be a PHP thing, I'll get back to y'all on it.
Savail : Aye, it's like that even if you manipulate the url instead of using the navigation. Tried it in both IE and Opera.
Linn : hm, I seem to only be able to reach the newest page. 314, 313, 312 etc all pull up page 314
Crystal : Shiny: Thanks! =D I guess it does, at that, but I'm still happy people are reading it. :3
Shiny : Just read through the entire comic. Very nice work, high quality story and art. Does feel as though you were thinking of the plot on the fly, rather than having everything mapped out from the beginning...
Crystal : ok. =D Fixed. TWC works again.
Crystal : Arrgh, I can't connect to anything! The next update is here.
Savail : Ah, that explains it. I was able to reach Guestbook by cache since it's not actually part of the site, but nothing else.
Tiana : Dreamhost went down a few days ago and took SpiderForest with it.
Crystal : Nothing that I know of. D: WHat happened?
Savail : So...what happened to the website recently. It poofed and terrified me.
spasq : i so still don't understand what's going on that i'm ready to look for a forum for an explanation...
Shade : Elei = awesome. Elei's history = fascinating.
Tiana : Hope your computer problems clear up soon!
Tiana : Just dropping by to say I took your fanart out of my archive and moved it to my gallery with respective linkage, of course. =D
Crystal : Aww, thanks Pam! <3 Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I'm having computer problems lately. :/
Pam : Ooh, I LOOOOOVE Crimson Dark, it's absolutely brilliant :) BTW Crystal, I like Re' being a bit cartoony - he's so damn cute I just want to pick him up and give him a cuddle ;)
spas : googled sunset grill, since the link is still to kez...if i get bored, i'll read through it, but may i suggest Crimson Dark? that is THE 3D sci-fi webcomic...
Shade : You didn't update the link for the comic of the week. Anyway, I love the way the comic's going right now. ^_^
Crystal : Well... I do like Yeats. :3
Gunnr : Whoa -- Yeats, and heavy Yeats at that. Where'd that come from ? and more important, what's it in relation to?
spas : yeah, is reason demented for not kissing letia or what? i like where catalyst is going - i'm guessing now that daian lost a gift to elei as well, sneaky!
Celidah : Hee, hee, I'm already reading it, spas! I LOVED LinT, and I'm all a-flutter about Colby's latest work! :)
spas : celidah, if you like pigs in space, check out this link - pygmalion comic!
Celidah : spas: Ah, but pigs HAVE flown. Or have you never heard of "Pigs...In...Spaaaaaaace!"? ')
Savail : My favorite thing about this story is that, unlike other stories, I've no idea where you're going past Elei taking the Gift from K'ai. <3 surprises
spas : you're sorry for a slight inconsistency in your brilliant reliable updates, eh? you're totally destroying my theories about webcomic creators, blast you! background was SO worth it...
Crystral : By the way, I'm sorry for missing Wednesday's update. It's got a more complex background than I thought. ^^;;;
Sabreur : Wow. The whole setup here was perfect for somebody to swoop in at the last moment and save the day - but it didn't happen. That made the whole thing a lot more heartwrenching - we were all hoping for a rescue... and it didn't happen. Can't wait to see what's next!
Rinnan : Slightly less personally damaging, but I once had a friend steal 20 bucks from me. I had the same reaction as Kai and it destroyed the friendship. But some people are emotionally retarded.
Crystal : He was so accurate. ;_; I know I should've thrown a tantrum, but I just couldn't help myself.
spas : unbelievable! webcomic creators able to accept criticism! next thing you know, pigs will fly around in the sky. i'm thrown off by this! ;-)
Sera : exited now about the details behind eleis actions, could well be the most interesting part is just to come. Is kai gonna get her gift back? or learn to see? Until yet i liked the plot very much.
Mr. A : Decent enough story, but feels too rushed. I couldn't really develop an emotional attachment to the characters, because I know next to nothing about them at all. You probably should have drawn it all out a bit and fleshed out some more interactions between the characters. Just a tip.
Shade : I sympathise with Elei. But I'm not exactly normal. xD
DC : Spanish is easy! Sort of. Good luck in Quito!
spas : yes, how is quito and what about the new digs?
Eleanor : :O Elei lied D: How mean, poor Kai is gutted, loving the comic :)