--the comic

Catalyst is a fantasy story about a woman who isn't so young anymore, her illness, and her obsession with curing it.

Once upon a time, little Kai' was content to live in the isolated northern mountains, with the center of her life based in her little village and her big brother Rune. That was many months ago. Now, a woman named Elei has lured her and Rune far away, and Kai is the rope in a tug of war, loved, hurt and betrayed; all for a Gift she cannot see, use or care about.

Catalyst is my highschool project. When I wrote it, I was a 15-year-old wannabe punk who wore black all the time in a tropical country (which makes no sense. Fortunately, I was a teenager, and we don't have to!) and I've been plodding along with it ever since.

--the artist

helloooo! :D It's me!

I'm called Crystal. :3 I'm a computer programmer and kind of like an artist on the side.

I also enjoy tango, swing, trashy romance novels, shopping, nail polish, manga, and reading XKCD off my coworkers' office doors.

You can check out more of my work at my DeviantArt.

--faq / random comic facts
I love random facts. =D Here are some of mine.

  1. If I could go back and redo Catalyst all over again,

    - I'd make Elei ambiguously coffee coloured. I didn't actually figure out the world until about a volume in. I admit it, I just selected a skin-like colour one day, and said "This will be the skin colour for all my characters!"
    - I'd also get rid of about four chapters, torment Rune more, and make Kai less of a wimp.
    - I'd give someone PYROMANIA. ;D Or maybe not.

  2. I used to draw stupid comics all the time in highschool. Unlike Catalyst, they were actually pretty funny. To this day I'm not sure how Catalyst got all serious. I like funny comics.

Catalyst is written and drawn by Crystal, 2005 and hosted on SpiderForest.com.